Arm’s Dipti Vachani hopes to train a more diverse workforce to expand the industry’s future impact.

Anyone in the market for a vehicle today is painfully aware of the role semiconductors play in their construction. Other than a cellphone or computer, it might have been difficult to believe before that something as small as a computer chip figures so prominently in our everyday lives. Or how the lack thereof could bring entire industries to a virtual standstill.

As this Forbes article explains, semiconductors power most of the electronics we use today. Perhaps even the device you’re using to read this…

Changes to formal education will be one of the lasting legacies of the pandemic.

The forced move to remote learning brought on by global shutdowns exposed both the opportunity and the pitfalls of current and future learning methods. It demonstrated the inadequacy of traditional textbook-based instruction and sped up a willingness on the part of districts, teachers, and colleges to experiment with more customized learning options.

While a complete shift to online instruction is not in the cards now — limited by a lack of childcare options for working parents and the realities of a deep digital divide, it is…

Disney Streaming product manager Miribel Tran offers advice for young women searching for careers and how industry professionals can assist them

Miribel Tran is a product manager for Disney Streaming Services, that entertainment empire’s business unit darling for its performance during the pandemic. Disney’s accelerated shift towards digital experiences and transformation because of the COVID-19 outbreak is one being mirrored by many more companies in many other industries.

For Tran, this broad business move signals a need for more and new types of talent, creating a unique once-in-a-generation opportunity to recruit more women into the field of technology.

The lack…

Zoë Harte

Upwork’s Zoë Harte shares her nontraditional path to tech and charts the recent explosion in freelance work.

One of the pandemic’s many significant consequences has been a change in the way America works. The types of work we do, the tools we use for work, even where we work have all been altered by the past year. This fundamental reimagining of work could help create an opening to build a more diverse workforce.

Over the past year, two million additional people in the United States became freelancers. According to Upwork’s Freelance Forward 2020 study, this dramatic rise brings the total…

The shoe, as they say, is now on the proverbial “other foot.”

I am launching a business and it has opened my eyes in a new way. This is the first startup I have created that is about a product and not a service. I have an entirely new appreciation for product professionals!

Over the years, I have founded a number of companies, mentored a plethora of startups and entrepreneurs, and even launched a nonprofit. Through all of those, I was never shy to give advice or demand accountability from my teams.

Launching a product-driven business helped me reframe some…

This post originally appeared in Technically Philly in January 2019. The message of women’s economic power and understanding how it connects to political advocacy, resonates to me even more today.

Most people would agree that women today stand on the cusp of enormous positive change and gains.

We live in an era when women are more educated than ever, have greater control over their personal health and freedoms, sit in boardrooms, have traveled to space and nearly took a seat in the Oval Office. Upward trends in wealth transfer and social justice efforts can be seen as driving these advances even further.

However, a deeper look reveals that these improvements are attainable by only a select few…

Much has changed since the first International Women’s Day in 1911. But even with this year’s celebration coinciding with the one hundred year anniversary of women’s right to vote in the United States, there remains much to be done.

The theme for the March 8, 2020 IWD is #EachforEqual. Critically, organizers have called out that equality is not a women’s issue but rather a business issue, one that allows all communities and countries to thrive.

While that’s true, this theme does a disservice to women. It implies that women should wait on businesses, communities, and leaders to realize that granting…

I am excited to announce a new project which brings together my passion for music and for promoting and highlighting women in the tech and music field. Plus I get to work with my son. I am not sure how much better it gets.

The idea behind the Women in Tech Summit, was to bring together women in the industry to learn and support each other, while also highlighting the technical work women were doing that was sometimes hidden. With women making up less than 25% of the technology workers in this country and a growing an unprecedented need for…

Geeta Banda Also Talks About the Challenge of Raising Money While Pregnant

Every phone call you make, survey you take, or order you complete contributes to a vast, ever-growing repository of data. The ability to extract business value from all that data is a burgeoning industry, one IDC projects will grow to $275 Billion by 2022.

But Geeta Banda recently told me there is also a growing data disconnect within this industry because business leaders do not always possess the technical expertise necessary to unlock the insights hidden within these troves of data. Decision makers are provided with countless reports…

It seems like it was yesterday we were writing our gift guide for 2018. Where did the year go? Our last two editions of the Holiday Tech Gift Ideas for Girls seemed to be a hit. Even after the holidays, the posts are still viewed, but it is not a surprise to our team. With more and more parents wanting to have their daughters learn about STEM, finding fun and educational resources is not always easy.

This year, along with the TechGirlz staff, we decided to check with our Teen Advisory Board (TAB) members for ideas.

We hope this will…

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