• Jeannette Balleza Collins

    Jeannette Balleza Collins

    JBC. Cofounder, deadfred.com, tonic.vc. Consultant. Marketer, mentor, investor, community organizer, grower of philanthropy. Mom. @netscribe

  • Anna E. Cook

    Anna E. Cook

    She/they. Senior Accessibility Designer.

  • Jim Stogdill

    Jim Stogdill

    Irrepressible over sharer. Free time usually involves silver halides. I’ll edit this profile at some point.

  • Prajacta Khopkar

    Prajacta Khopkar

    Programmer at RobustWealth • JS Junkie • Tech Lover • Vue.js • Follow me for programming tips, tricks, and secrets!

  • Shari Shapiro

    Shari Shapiro

    Uber’s Head of Public Affairs for Pennsylvania and Delaware, mom, aspiring artist. Living by Thomas A. Edison’s maxim: to have a good idea, have a lot of them.

  • Sue Spolan

    Sue Spolan

    CEO Cohegent LLC

  • Dana Bauer

    Dana Bauer

  • Ryan Osborn

    Ryan Osborn

    Dad, husband and guy who works at NBC News.

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