I am excited to announce a new project which brings together my passion for music and for promoting and highlighting women in the tech and music field. Plus I get to work with my son. I am not sure how much better it gets.

The idea behind the Women in Tech Summit, was to bring together women in the industry to learn and support each other, while also highlighting the technical work women were doing that was sometimes hidden. With women making up less than 25% of the technology workers in this country and a growing an unprecedented need for tech talent, the need for this conference was clear. Seven years later, WITS has spread to 5 regions in the US, having had 400 women speakers and 6000 attendees.

Just like tech, the music industry is dominated by men. A report in 2018 by the Annenberg School of Communications highlights the issue.

In 2017, 83.2% of artists were men and only 16.8% were women.

2017 marked a six-year low for female artists in popular content

Of 2,767 songwriters credited, 87.7% were male and 12.3% were female.

73.8% of female songwriters only worked once in 6 years, 7.9% worked twice, and 4.3 percent worked three times. Less than 6% of female songwriters had 6 or more credits across the sampled time frame.

Out of the study’s 651 producers, 98% were male and only 2% female.

A total of 899 individuals were nominated for a Grammy Award between 2013 and 2018. 90.7% of those were male and 9.3% were female.

If you follow me, you know my history of supporting girls and women in the tech industry. But, you may not know I am a music aficionado, volunteering with my local non-profit radio station, WXPN. WXPN has been very supportive of women musicians in different genres and they have helped me discover so many of acts on my playlists.

But there is nothing like seeing a music act live. With my son, a music booking agent, it was time to be able to join our forces — women in music and tech. So with every Women in Tech Summit city, we will be having a Women in Music and Tech Tour stop to highlight women musicians, connect another part of our community and to have some fun. Oh, and bring your daughters, these are all ages shows.

Don’t wait to get your tickets!

4/3 — Songbyrd, Washington,DC — Marielle Kraft

4/23 — World Cafe Lounge , Philadelphia— Marielle Kraft w/ Joy Ike

5/8 — Chop Shop, Chicago — Emily Blue with Marielle Kraft

Here is a quick listen to our artists:

Marielle Kraft

Joy Ike


Emily Blue


Mom, Wife, CMO of Chariot Solutions, Music Lover, and Founder of http://TechGirlz.org. Opinions are my own

Mom, Wife, CMO of Chariot Solutions, Music Lover, and Founder of http://TechGirlz.org. Opinions are my own